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269 Orchard Road, Patchogue, New York, 11772




631.758.4171 | 631.476.5484

Grease Trap | Specialist

Murphy's Septic Services | Long Island, NY | 631.758.4171 | 631.476.5484

269 Orchard Road
Patchogue, New York, 11772

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Murphy's Septic Tank Service

Murphy's is a fully Licensed & Insured Septic Tank Service. We specialize in septic tank treatment throughout the Long Island Area. Other Septic services include overflows, drywells, grease traps, rain drains, catch basins, & storm drains.

Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Services | Long Island, NY | 631.758.4171 | 631.476.5484

Murphy's Grease Trap Services

Murphy's Cesspool and Septic tank service company is a licensed and insured company that has grown to a successful business for three key reasons: Honesty, Professionalism, & Superior Service. What separates us from our competitors is that we aim to focus on quality service and customer satisfaction while building a “one to one” personal relationship with each of our clients.

Please contact Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Tank Service today for all your grease trap cleaning needs.

Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance Services 631.758.4171 | 631.476.5484

Grease Trap Cleaning
Grease Trap Installations
Grease Trap Maintenance
Grease Trap Service Contracts


Scheduling of routine maintenance or emergency response to back-ups or clogged pipes. We are equipped to handle all Grease Traps.


Grease Traps services available for residential households. Service contracts are available for homeowners.


Service Contracts for seasonal work for Grease Trap system maintenance. Grease Trap emergency services available.

Murphy's Grease Trap Cleaning Services | Gallery

Murphy's Grease Trap Cleaning Service | Long Island, NY