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269 Orchard Road, Patchogue, New York, 11772




631.758.4171 | 631.476.5484

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Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Services | Long Island, NY | 631.758.4171 | 631.476.5484

269 Orchard Road
Patchogue, New York, 11772

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Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Service

Murphy's is a fully Licensed & Insured Cesspool & Septic Tank Service. We specialize in locating, intstalling septic tanks throughout the Long Island Area. Other services include overflows, drywells, grease traps, rain drains, catch basins, & storm drains.

Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Services | Long Island, NY | 631.758.4171 | 631.476.5484
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Cesspools | Septic | Environmental Services

Murphy's will handle your sanitary needs with detailed professionalism according to all codes. We are a company that thrives off of respecting our clients, and protecting the environment.

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Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Service




Murphy's is a company built off a family tradition of Cesspool and Septic professionals proudly servicing the Long Island New York Area since the 1930s.

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Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Services

My Great grandfather Paul DeVito an Italian immigrant, started sanitary scavenger in the 1930's! He started the cesspool company after the Great Depression. Three of his children started their own companies in three different locations across Long Island in the 1950's. The three companies had different names. After seeing the one brothers success with his business name DeVito Cesspool. All three started to use the name DeVito in their business names in different variations. They became a few of the largest cesspool companies on Long Island. They built all their own equipment. Building vacuum trucks in their barns at night! Hand digging new cesspools, the work was all intense manual labor then. The companies were all very successful having some of the largest commercial accounts on Long Island at the time.

Mickey DeVito one of my great uncles, had the largest business out of the three brothers. He went on to sell the business and retire. Then moved to Florida, where he lived until his passing in the 90's! Over time his DeVito Cesspool business was sold again then consolidated and finally dissolved in the 90's when a very affluent corporation purchased a large amount of cesspool and septic companies in New York!

My great uncle Phillys business dissolved as his service area connected to sewers. He was able to retire and reside here on Long Island until his passing in the 90's.

My Great uncle Dolly sold his business to his son Paul who is here on the Murphy's Cesspool and Septic Service team with my father and myself. Dolly retired moved to Florida where he helped my cousin start a septic company. He lived in Florida and later passed away there!

I had the pleasure of knowing my Great Grandfather and all of my great uncles. I was in my 20's when the last of them passed away. They were all big men with big hearts and could make people laugh with their comical personalities.

My father George Closs and my uncle James Closs worked for my uncles when they were kids. Both my father and my uncle were raised by my great grandfather and my great grandmother. They were able to drive trucks by the time they were 10.

In the 1970's both my parents and my uncle started their own separate and successful cesspool companies. I would go on jobs with them since I was a little kid. During the summers when I was a teen I would work for my parents and occasionally my uncle. Their customers were always happy with their services, and both business's grew tremendously.

After my family suffered a tragic loss my parents sold the cesspool business off. Mourning and running the business was just too difficult. They had a sewer an drain company focused on Commercial and Residential customers but liquidated those businesses in the late 90's.

Later, I went to college and got a job operating large industrial vacuum trucks. For over a decade I cleaned drains on every major roadway and bridge around Manhattan. Occasionally, I even maintained cesspool and septic systems on Long Island when I wasn't working in the city. I also became certified in specific aspects of the drainage business.

I went out and started my own business All Storm Drains. Eventually, I hired my father on. Then continued to clean storm water drainage systems on Long Island. We found the need to have septic trucks available to us. As we were constantly moving large amounts of water. Our customers would always ask us to maintain their cesspool and septic systems as well. Some of them being very dissatisfied with the cesspool company they had been using. So we decided to get our own cesspool truck. Through hard work and dedication my father, myself with the help of my mother, brother and a few friends built the small drain company into a successful business. We then procured Murphy's Cesspool and various other cesspool companies as well! We now have a large fleet of some the most powerful and advanced vacuum trucks on the market. Our trucks are built to our demanding specifications and are all custom designed. We have experienced, capable, and courteous technicians. Our techs do actually care about correcting your cesspool and septic problems. We are prepared to keep up with our constant growth, and plan to seize more opportunities in the future.

Thank you, for recommending us to your friends and family. We are here for all your residential, industrial, and commercial needs.

Cesspool & Septic Service
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631.758.4171 | 631.476.5484

Licensed & Insured

Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Service | Suffolk County, NY

Murphy's Cesspool Sewer & Drain Service

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