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Grease Trap | Specialist

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269 Orchard Road
Patchogue, New York, 11772

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Murphy's Septic Tank Service

Murphy's is a fully Licensed & Insured Septic Tank Service. We specialize in Grease Trap treatment throughout the Long Island Area. Other Septic services include overflows, drywells, rain drains, catch basins, & storm drains.

Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Services | Long Island, NY | 631.758.4171

Murphy's Grease Trap Services

Grease traps range in size. Anywhere from large commercial grease separators that have over a few thousand gallons in capacity. Down to smaller kitchen systems that can be recessed flush to the floor. They can fit under commercial sinks as well. All grease traps have solid bottoms. Grease traps have an outlet pipe and an inlet pipe separated by one or more baffle walls. These walls allow for the sorting of floating grease and other kitchen waste. These baffle walls allow for water to flow above certain baffles and below other baffles. This staggering process traps solids and sludges on the bottom of the grease trap as well as the top. When the grey water exits the outlet pipe after the baffle or baffles. It is then conveyed by pipe to either a leaching pool, a cesspool, or a sewer system. On Long Island grease systems typically will never be hooked to a leaching field. Whereas, other areas of New York grease trap systems may have different outflow options. Other states commonly use leaching fields as well the others mentioned.

A grease interceptor collects grease from a kitchen area. All waste products enter the grease trap as seen in the diagram. Water flows on the pipe on the left side. Gray water it's coming from the kitchen area entering the grease interceptor and collects in there. The grease and heavy materials collected will basically separate from the water and on the second tank of the grease interceptor as you can see in the diagram will pass through this pipe with cleaner water. The water in this area will collect without debris because it will be left on the other side of the tank. Grease interceptors need to be maintained. Grease interceptors must be cleaned, maintained, emptied it out after a certain timeframe. That timeframe for maintenance will depend on the volume of usage and tank capacity. Please contact Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Tank Service today for all your grease trap cleaning needs.

Indoor Small Scale Grease Traps

Indoor Grease Trap

Basic Outdoor Grease Trap Functions | Visual Description

Grease Trap Description

Murphy's Grease Trap Cleaning Service | Long Island, NY

Murphy's Cesspool & Septic | Grease Trap Lesson

  • Industrial Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Grease Trap Maintenance
  • Grease Trap Service
  • Environmental Code Requirements Met

The grease level of an industrial grease trap should not exceed 2 feet, or it by law will require service. Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Service insures that your grease trap is not only up to standard, but we clean all traps thoroughly including all water and grease.

Many companies charge a small fee, and only empty the water excess underneath the grease of an industrial grease trap to lower the level as opposed to thoroughly cleaning grease from the unit.
For a thorough grease trap cleaning done by an industry professional complete to standard health codes, and with integrity please call:

Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Service | Suffolk County & Nassau County, Long Island, NY
Email: Service@NYSeptic.com Phone: 631.758.4171


Scheduling of routine maintenance or emergency response to back-ups or clogged pipes. We are equipped to handle all Grease Traps.


Grease Traps services available for residential households. Service contracts are available for homeowners.


Service Contracts for seasonal work for Grease Trap system maintenance. Grease Trap emergency services available.

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