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Murphy's Septic Services | Long Island, NY | 631.758.4171

269 Orchard Road
Patchogue, New York, 11772

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Murphy's Septic Tank Installations

Murphy's is a fully Licensed & Insured Septic Tank Service. We specialize in septic tank installations throughout the Long Island Area. Other Septic services include overflows, drywells, grease traps, rain drains, catch basins, & storm drains.

Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Services | Long Island, NY | 631.758.4171
Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Service | 631.758.4171

Proudly Serving Long Island
New York

Septic Tank & Cesspool Installations

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Murphy's Septic Tank Installations

Septic Systems sometimes utilize cesspools ( overflows , leaching pools ) in their design. Other alternative drainage system components may include leaching fields or a sump system with leaching ponds to supplement cesspools. A Septic Tank would be the primary component in the treatment process, where solids sludge and water are separated. Using baffle walls and or tees to aid in separation. Then allowing for the wastewater ( blackwater or effluent ) to drain via a pipe to an overflow pool (leaching pool , cesspool). Septic tanks have solid bottoms and are designed to capture solid material similar to a grease interceptor in design and function. Septic tanks vary in size from a household septic system all the way up to larger commercial septic systems. In a septic tank bacteria helps breakdown those solids by digesting them and aiding in taking some burden off of routine maintenance. Septic systems need maintenance and that can't be circumvented. Maintenance intervals can be lengthened with the use of bacteria and septic enzymes and other additives. Most importantly routine maintenance can prolong the life of your system, but only when performed by a reputable cesspool and septic company. Long Island septic tank systems are very commonplace. We use septic tanks everyday on our beautiful island. In Suffolk County septic tank systems span the majority of the county. Although there are sewers and sewage treatment plants as well. Nassau septic systems are the prevalent along the sound. North shore cesspools are sometimes very deep due to the soil composition. South shore cesspool systems are still operational in Nassau county although they are very rare. There can be various problems with any septic system or its respective components. Pipes break, disjointed pipes are common, roots break pipes then clog them, settling issues arise from settling or soil compaction issues. Clogged pipes can occur from a lack of septic system maintenance where the floatable solids get so thick the entire septic system fails to work. The right way to maintain a septic tank is to have it serviced every two to five years depending on the size and age of the system. Do not wait for the septic system to stop functioning. Schedule routine septic maintenance to prevent a sewage overflow in the basement of your house or building. Septic Tank cleaning is part of what we do here at Murphy's Cesspool and Septic Service, we locate septic tanks and service septic systems for you our customers!

Please contact Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Tank Service today for all your drainage & sanitary needs.

Septic Tank Installations 631.758.4171

Septic Tanks
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Murphy's Cesspool & Septic Installations Diagram| Suffolk County | New York | 631.758.4171

Commercial Septic Tank Installations

Scheduling of routine maintenance or emergency response to back-ups or clogged pipes. We are equipped to handle all septic systems.

Residential Septic Tank Installations

Septic and cesspool services available for residential households. Service contracts are available for homeowners.

Industrial Septic Tank Installations

Service Contracts for seasonal work for septic tank system maintenance. Septic tank and cesspool emergency services.

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Septic Tank Repair & Installation Service | Long Island, NY